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Who we are

Lighthouse is an Australian privately-owned Brisbane based SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) with a highly skilled team of seasoned experts in business and technology. We offer software solutions and services for cloud, mobile and more.

Lighthouse has long standing and continuing experience in providing complex, enterprise-grade, digital and data transformational services to Australian Government agencies and Commercial Businesses. Lighthouse is an innovative and forward-thinking SME focused on solving large-scale, complex and long running problems with low risk, Agile and Lean thinking principles. Our people, products, services, and processes have transformed throughout our 20 years in business to ensure suitability for today and into the future.

Lighthouse are on the ICT Services Panel List as Customer Management Technologies Pty Ltd. as an ICTSS.13.03B Supplier. ICTSS.13.03 (B) - ICT Services Standing Offer Arrangement based on the ICT SME Participation Scheme.

What We Do

Licencing & Compliance Software
Online Forms Platform and Services
Mobile App Development
Architecture & Design
Business & Technical Analysis
Solution Design & Development
Training & Mentoring

We are a privately owned Australian company with a motivated and enthusiastic owner, based in Brisbane Queensland

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Navigate - our Flagship Enterprise on-premise System

Navigate for Licensing & Compliance

Navigate is a comprehensive COTS regulatory management platform that takes a holistic approach to customer management, licensing, compliance, asset tracking and workload management.

Purpose-built to meet the legislated objectives of any sized organisation from only a few users through to  full scale enterprise.  Navigate is a proven and reliable solution for any regulatory authority.

Navigate Features:
• Comprehensive whole-of-organisation view across licensing and compliance
• Enables a strong customer service focus through highly configurable processes and functions
• Track and manage upcoming tasks through interactive reporting and KPI dashboards
• Minimises costs of staying current as legislation changes
• Includes high integrity data security features for your peace of mind
• Protects your investment by growing with your organisation
• Gives staff more time in the field and less time battling paperwork
• Highly functional and flexible 

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Online Forms Design & Development

Designing and building online forms can be hard - we make it easy!

This is achieved through an application called <> that offers advanced features as a form builder with a drag and drop interface, management of data with complete API platform, management of users, offline forms, dynamic forms, automatic creation of API, and application embedding and more. 

Lighthouse are a partner of and can offer premium services and solutions.

Actively working with the platform we have successfully implemented numerous online customer-driven form solutions as well as folding into our products as part of our new technology stack. is a combined Form and Data Management platform for form-based Progressive web applications. It enables us to rapidly create Forms and embed these as part of an application or website that is fully mobile ready.

The creation of these forms generates a JSON schema that is used to both dynamically render the forms within the Progressive application, but also automatically generate the corresponding API to receive the data when that form is submitted.

Typical applications built on top of are those which require complex Business workflows and Data Management, while at the same time need the deployment flexibilities offered through a Progressive environment (such as offline mode).

There are many unique developer features  to address customised business process applications, and complex data management applications. Because of this, it can be integrated into a wide variety of enterprise-class platform applications spanning across many different industry sectors.

Some of the main features are:
• Advanced form builder with drag-and-drop interface
• Data Management with a complete API platform
• User Management & Authentication using JWT Tokens and OAuth
• Offline Forms
• Conditional Form Actions
• Data Export
• Advanced Aggregation API Reporting
• File Storage and Management
• Automatic API creation using Swagger I/O
• Onsite or Private Cloud using Docker containers
• Application Embedding using the HTML tag
• Connect to anything with Webhooks, Websockets and Integrations
• Translatable Forms for multi-language use

• On-Premise deployments behind firewall
• Stateless Token-Based Authentication
• Field Level Encryption
• Encryption at Rest
• Encryption in Transit
• Per project CORS Configuration
• Multiple Authentication Realms (group-based access)

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Lean & Agile Methodologies and Principles Applied

How We Work

Lighthouse HQ are reliable, committed and have maintained long-term relationships with our customers. Our professionalism takes our customers successfully from start to finish of the implementation of projects and make it easy to face any challenges. Our agile app development methodology is proven to create highly flexible engagement models which encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of your business requirements and goals to ensure the development of a solution which is both cost effective and efficient.

Our approach is to work with our customers to help achieve a goal, solve a problem or satisfy a need. This goes together with our solution development approach. We have found that good two-way communication and collaboration together works to provide a superior level of customer service. We prefer to converse situationally and ask relevant questions so that our services and products are solution focused with a value proposition. Our customer facing resources are courteous, positive and willing to assist customers to the best of their abilities. We aim to work as a trusted business partner with our customers, making each touchpoint with us a great experience. The true measurement of good customer service is satisfied customers.

Working with Lighthouse is a partnership, and we are always working towards the most mutually beneficial approach.

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